Meet one of the greatest Brazilian singers when the subject is American classics with exquisite new arrangements that will certainly please even the most discriminating music fans.

 A 20 years career, with almost 2000 concerts in more than 300 cities all over the world and, currently with 12 records and 2 DVDs, his last show entitled “Rock and Roll Celebration” was seen for more than 100.000 people worldwide which earned him the honor of been chosen to performed as the opening act for B.B. King’s last Brazilian tour.

 THE 12th CD

The international release of his 12th CD entitled “ZERO” was celebrated with a live concert at the traditional Flatiron Hotel, in Manhattan on December 16th 2014and will be released in other 15 countries in 2015. 

“It’s my best record ever – says Zé Rodrigo – and the first to be released in other countries, so we think it’s not the first one but number zero”.



The new show entitled “The American Classics Tribute Tour – 2015” is a homage to the greatest composers, artists and music geniuses that emerged from America to the world in the last 60 years. Filled with new arrangements for famous classics ranging from Frank Sinatra, the King Elvis Presley, all the way to the Temptations and Rock ‘n’ Roll icons like Michael Jackson and James Brown makes this new show Zé Rodrigo’s personal Celebration to his own “American Dream” which he proudly and happily shares with his audience. 

“I grew up surrounded by American music and was always fascinated by the elegance and creativity that the artists where capable of incorporating into their work and, I have always dreamed of one day becoming the Brazilian guy that would sing American classics to a real American audience in America”.



In November 1st, 2012 The Intergovernmental Organization WSA, founded by the UN in 2007, nominated Zé Rodrigo as a Goodwill Ambassador for the LivelyUp Music for Solidarity Project which the main goal is to promote worldwide awareness for the WSA, the United Nations 8 Millennium Development Goals and the newly announced UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals through the use of music, entertainment and Solidarity, thus empowering him to travel worldwide in pursuit of his dreams as the Brazilian guy, singing American classics and bringing hope and happiness to those that needs the most.


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